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Modular Operating Theatres

One of the biggest challenges in building an operating theatre is the management of risk. The HT Group build more than 300 operating theatres every year and they are the global experts. The risk of components not fitting, not talking to one another or not looking well together are eliminated. HT Group offers 3D and BIM design support plus knowledge and experience from all global markets and more than 6000 completed projects. The HT solution offers many benefits to the design team, main contractor, hospital owner and end users and is permanently upgradeable to meet future technology advances. Ideally suited to renovations and new builds, the HT modular room system is fully HTM and HBN compliant and is competitively priced. HT Group offers stainless steel and glass wall options with ceilings, walls, doors and windows as a basic solution. For improved infection control, glass was introduced as a wall solution for operating theatres in 2006. Since then, glass operating theatres have grown in popularity and there are several options and features to deliver smooth and flush finishes as well as colour and light. We also offer a full turnkey solution in which the client can select their preferred brand of surgical lights, pendants and operating tables. Save time, save money, minimise risk, get the latest technology and be future proofed with a demountable room system from HT. For more information, please contact us