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Emergency Evacuation Equipment

In the event of a fire or other emergency, our range of emergency moving and handling evacuation equipment including the EvacPAD and EvacSHEET help make evacuation quicker, safer and easier. The range includes paediatric and bariatric products.

The EvacPAD 
The EvacPAD is a padded evacuation mat designed for the emergency evacuation of bedbound / immobile patients from premises where space is limited. Watch the video below or read our product information – EvacPAD.

The EvacSHEET is a patient evacuation sheet that allows a bedbound person to be safely evacuated on their hospital mattress, providing comfort and protection in the event of a fire or other emergency. Designed to be permanently attached under the mattress (including Airflow mattress systems) with heavy-duty elastic corner straps, the EvacSHEET is immediately accessible in an emergency. Full product details here – EvacSHEET

(HSE Contract Item 16735)

EvacPAD Emergency Patient Evacuation Product
EvacSHEET for safe evacuation of patients in event of fire or other emergency